Narko NE strategija 1

The development of a comprehensive Strategy for the prevention of addiction in FBiH begins

On April 30, the first meeting of the Working Group for the development of a comprehensive strategy for the prevention of addiction in FBiH 2024-2034 was held in Sarajevo, which started the process of establishing standardized prevention and investing resources in effective and efficient interventions in this area.

The working group consists of representatives of the Federal Ministry of Education and Science, who are the initiators of the working group, as well as the FBiH Ministry of Justice, the FBiH Ministry of Health, the FBiH Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the FBiH Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The Association for Prevention of Addiction NARKO-NE is a partner in the entire process of creating a strategy, and will provide professional and technical support.

At the meeting, the issue and the need to create such a comprehensive document was once again analyzed.

The strategy will be based on the European Prevention Curriculum, and at the initial meeting it was especially emphasized that efforts will be focused on the creation that will correspond to the real needs of BiH society and that will be applicable in practice.

The proposed preventive measures and activities in the strategy will try to contribute to the reduction of costs for solving problems related to addiction, which are reflected in the sectors of health, education, social protection, internal affairs, justice, as well as society as a whole, and provide better conditions for safe and healthy life for children and young people.

The association NARKO-NE is supported by the SMART Balkan CORE grant.

“The demanding process of creating the Addiction Prevention Strategy in the FBiH for the period 2024-2034 begins. I’m proud that Centar za promociju civilnog društva has recognized NARKO NE as a key player in the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in the areas of security and stability, and governance. I’m also deeply honored that the Federal Ministry of Education of FBiH, led by the esteemed Minister Prof. dr. Jasna Duraković, has acknowledged this organization as an equal, reliable, and professional partner in crafting a comprehensive, scientifically grounded, and implementable ten-year addiction prevention strategy,” emphasized Dajana Cvjetković, SMART Balkans project manager.