Meeting with Norwegian delegation

CPCD had the special honor and pleasure of hosting Kristin Melsom, Director of the Section for South East Europe of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway, Tale Kandal, Senior Adviser/Desk Officer for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Siri Andersen, Deputy Head of the Mission of the Norwegian Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Ognjen Grujić, program manager at the Norwegian Embassy in BiH.

Aida Daguda, director of CPCD, presented the current situation and trends in the development of civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkan region, followed by an extremely interesting discussion about the role and position of civil society, especially in the present one in a crisis situation. The need for greater and more active OCD participation in the most important processes in society was highlighted, with insisting on democratic principles and values.

Of course, the special topic of the visit was SMART Balkans – a new regional project implemented by CPCD, with partners CRPM (North Macedonia) and IDM (Albania). Although the project is in the beginning phase, the expectations from all sides are very high. SMART Balkans is a unique opportunity for better positioning of civil society in the region, especially in the area of security and stability, as well as good governance.

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