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Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

The organization Pro.Tok21 aims to build a free, open, and active society in local communities, with greater participation of citizens. Its mission – to encourage citizens to activism and association, to strengthen citizens’ initiatives and support them to influence public policies, as well as to spread a positive image of the civil sector and share models of good practice of civil society organizations – is carried out through three program directions: 1. Active citizens, 2. Successful citizen initiatives, 3. Credible civil sector.


Considering the impact that the achieved goals of this program will have on the citizens, the citizens of the city of Smederevo and the Podunavlje district will have the most benefits in terms of strengthening an activist resource in the local community and its program (social-activist center GRAD i podcast). In addition, young people will significantly benefit, for whom a set of activities and programs are planned to increase their involvement in the community. Also, the civil sector (other associations of the region and informal groups) relies on the organization’s resources, which will be strengthened from the inside with this program.