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School podcast – production and education

Summary of the project implemented by Center for information and counseling of young people ‘KOMPAS’Radio Bruškin

“School Podcast: Education and Production” is a project that aims to establish a support system for young people, develop activism and strengthen volunteerism using innovative methods and digital technologies. The expected results of the project are: 160 directly trained young people, two educational trainings held in eight schools, a total of 16 trainings, 20 preparatory workshops for podcast production held, 20 school podcasts that were broadcast in 8 schools and reached directly up to 12,000 students.

Podcasts will air on the internet radio station “Radio Bruškin”, the mixcloud platform, the podcast.rs platform, as well as on social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram, tik tok) and it is planned to reach listeners from over 30 countries around the world.

Project will be promoted by three public promotions/discussions using the “radiowalk” method, that will aim to inspire discussion among young people, with responsible persons (decision makers), followed by public advocacy.

Project goals

The main goal of the project:

  • “School Podcast: education and production”

Specific goals:

  • To educate 160 young people in 8 schools (primary and secondary schools) on the territory of the municipalities of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi
  • Realize the production of 20 “school podcasts”
  • Realization of 3 cultural events that use the specific “radio walk” method


The biggest benefit from this project will be the direct young people of Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi, more precisely 160 young people who will be educated and who will produce media content. The direct target group are school professors and part of the professional staff who will be directly involved as support.

Also, an indirect target group will benefit, namely all the students of the mentioned eight schools who will have the opportunity to listen to the “School Podcast” from the school loudspeaker, approximately 1,500 students per school, which is approximately 11,000 young people.

The implementation of this project will improve the support system for young people, in the field of education and production of media content that will be broadcast in schools through school loudspeakers so that young people can provide direct messages of support to their peers.

Main activities

Project activities will be carried out in five phases:

  • Preparatory phase:
  • Educational phase/ Traveling training

– Maintenance and implementation of two training sessions in eight schools (primary and secondary) from the area of Boka Kotorska

-First educational training: Media literacy and communication

-Second educational training: Create your own podcast

  • Stage of production and broadcasting of the “School Podcast”:

-Preparations and recordings with young people (one preparatory workshop for each podcast)

– Podcast editing

– Broadcast of podcasts on Radio Bruškin, as well as in schools

-Posting podcasts on existing platforms

-Promotions on social networks

  • Phase of active pormotion

– Holding the first promotion of project activities using the “radio walk” method in Tivat

– Holding the second promotion of project activities using the “radio walk” method in Herceg Novi

– Holding the third promotion of project activities using the “radio walk” method in Kotor

  • Evaluation phase