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Housing and tenants organization HTO

Summary of organization’s strategic orientation

Housing and Tenants organization – HTO is a citizens’ association founded in 2022, as an organization for the improvement of housing, living conditions and the rights of tenants in the Republic of North Macedonia.

HTO is an organization that conducts analyzes of the conditions, status and the rights of tenants and housing, produces expert opinions, offers solutions for improving the legal framework and overcoming the problems faced by tenants in Macedonia. HTO implements programs and activities to raise awareness for the rights to dignified and accessible housing for all citizens and presents various global innovations from around the world in relation to housing.

HTO stands for raising public awareness and knowledge about tenants as specific forms of housing and strives to influence the current trends for positive social changes.



Young people in Skopje struggle to access safe, affordable and adequate housing. Factors such as poverty, unemployment and the high cost of living can make it difficult for young people to find and maintain decent housing.
Our project is based on a united effort of housing organizations from Bosnia, North Macedonia and Montenegro to work on the active involvement of young people in finding solutions for their appropriate housing.
The important fact is that students who live in dormitories are rarely active in civic organizations. Therefore, this project will have a key role in supporting the needs of young people and their active engagement and involvement in actions on the topic of adequate housing.

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