Gorazdevac Media Group (GMG)

Summary of the project

The project aims to address the challenges in the media sector of Kosovo, as highlighted by reports from the EU and Freedom House. The current media environment in Kosovo is characterized by political pressure, intimidation of journalists, and biased reporting that fuels divisions. Additionally, minority media in the Serbian language face obstacles in maintaining independence and competitiveness. The project aims to strengthen independent media and media literacy by promoting ethical journalism, supporting Serbian-language media, enhancing media literacy skills, and fostering critical thinking among young people. Ultimately, the project seeks to contribute to a more informed and democratic society in Kosovo.

Project goals

The goal of the project is strengthening credible sources of information through increased audience and citizen engagement (participatory journalism) in combating fake news and disinformation within the Serbian community in Kosovo.

Target groups and beneficiaries

  • Media professionals and organizations;
  • Serbian community in Kosovo;
  • Young people;
  • Civil society organizations;
  • Marginalized populations


Anamari Repic: Education is crucial in preventing the spread of false information

Berzat Berzati: Fake news and disinformation pose an increasing challenge in Kosovo

Security in the municipality: Citizens, institutions, and NGOs give different assessments

Ana Cup: The key thing in recognizing fake news is careful consideration of information sources

Peja: Fewer illegal landfills than in previous years

Hendikos Peja: We strive for equality for children, inclusiveness in schools, and other services

Tamara Petrovic: We need to verify the news from multiple sources

A small number of women choose to accept a portion of the inheritance

Politicians share the media, journalists share the truth

The environmental situation is better than before, but there are still problems

“Corruption in Kosovo is part of national folklore”

You can’t live without the Internet today, it’s hard to protect your privacy

Katarina Marinkovic: False information in sensitive and crisis areas is very dangerous

Competitions and public invitations in institutions are characterized by young people as non-transparent

Ilir Gashi: The source of fake news is actually sources of power

Returnee villages remain without inhabitants, young people leave because there is no work