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Education for sustainable development to active citizenship

Summary of the project implemented by Association “LAN”

Education for sustainable development is a lifelong learning process, and therefore it is necessary to empower young people at the local level to think and act towards a more sustainable society in a holistic, critical, and creative way. The project places special emphasis on young people and their right to develop and learn, as well as their right to demand sustainability and justice in all aspects of society, economy, and environment. Since sustainable development is a broadly defined concept, the project aims to explain it through related topics: environmental protection, human rights, cultural diversity, peace and security, sustainable urban development, sustainable production and consumption, and gender equality and equity. 

Project goals

The general objective of the project is to strengthen the competencies of high school students for critical thinking about sustainable development (we only have one planet that can survive only with a change in our attitude towards it).  

The specific objective is to strengthen the civic competencies of high school students for active engagement and increase understanding of the role of their own activities in the community. 


The project will benefit a group of 30 male and female students from 3 high schools (Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Petrovac) who will be directly involved in all planned activities and empowered through education and civic activism to initiate changes in their community. 

The ultimate beneficiaries are all students from the selected schools who will be presented with all activity results and invited to participate in street actions and other public advocacy actions that will be organized during the project. The ultimate beneficiaries are also citizens of the mentioned cities, who will receive regular information about the project through media representation and visibility in the community and be aware of the importance of sustainable development as a global process without alternatives. 

Main activities

  • Media presentation of the project 
  • Selection of schools and project participants 
  • First gathering of all participants in Bihac, getting to know each other and the project, establishing rules, setting up communication channels, socializing, and holding the first group discussion on the topic: Planet Earth – Our Common Home. 
  • Three introductory interactive workshops (one in each school), during which students will receive basic information about all aspects of sustainable development and the importance of education for sustainable development through various activities. 
  • Second gathering of all participants in Bosanski Petrovac and holding a second group discussion on the topic: Youth Activism for Sustainable Development. 
  • Holding street actions in Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, and Bosanski Petrovac related to the promotion of sustainable development. 
  • Final gathering of all participants and holding a third group discussion on the topic: Equal Opportunities for All. 
  • Final project conference: what we have learned and what is next. 

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