Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture

Summary of the project

The project aims to address the challenges of natural disasters in Kosovo, particularly in North Mitrovica. It emphasizes the need for a systematic approach and the involvement of all sectors of society to effectively respond to and reduce the causes of disasters. The project will establish an awareness-raising team, organize focus groups and capacity development workshops, implement a public campaign, hold meetings with local institutions, and develop a local plan for disaster risk reduction. By promoting collaboration and awareness, the project seeks to enhance preparedness and resilience while fostering sustainable partnerships for long-term impact and replication of results across the region.

The goal of the project is to raise awareness of disaster risks, climate change, and promote social cohesion among community members to ensure long-term results and improve the influence on decision-making processes.

Target groups and beneficiaries

Community members in North Mitrovica;

Non-governmental organizations;

Local institutions and decision-makers:

Representatives for climate change;

Women and marginalized populations.


Main activities

Establishment of an awareness-raising team for natural disaster risk reduction;

Organization of 4 focus groups for the disaster risk reduction team;

Conducting capacity development workshops;

Development and implementation of a public campaign;

Arranging meetings with representatives of local institutions;

Creation of a local plan for natural disaster risk reduction.